Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What to post about ?

OK I want you followers to comment below on what you would like me to post about then In another post I will do a list of the top stuff I'm gonna post on.

Bye stardollies

XoxXo missycass12


  1. please can someone tell me I'm desparate

  2. . You can post about makeup tutorials,
    .DIY crafts, fashion,
    .make a story and share it with us
    .make a interesting segment here.
    .you can also write about your day,
    .your favorite movie,
    .a review about a book you read or even a tv show or something interesting you found in stardoll or in your real life.
    .You can also make any kind of any tutorials of stardoll.
    .Give tips about real life or stardoll.
    .Write about a drama going on in stardoll or real life.
    .Real life news, express your thoughts about it.
    . Write about MSW why your not entering or why you are entering.
    . Going back to school post
    . Going back to school tips(New school)
    . Going back to school picks(Clothes)
    . Write your thoughts about a music video
    . Make a magazine article you read,interesting in your own words.
    . Going back to school hairstyles
    . How to make the right spend of your money in stardoll
    . A story about you and stardoll
    . Express your opinion and how you feel about a celebrity gossip.
    . A book you recommend we should read.
    . Comparing posts like clothes back then, people, life, etc
    . A trend going on in stardoll or real life.

    Hope this list helps you:)