Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello there! I'm a new writer :)

Hey you! Yeah, you! You the person sitting in front of the computer! Hello there! It's a new writer, nickfan1606/Ruth. To visit my stardoll suite to know more about me on my presentation click here.
Okay, after that little intro let's get to the point. This amazing new blog, the Stardoll Chatterbox, was made for us to express our opinions and comments, to have fun, overall. But since this is my first post, I'll just tell you about how I will be posting. Like, I'll make comps every now and then, tell you my opinion about stardoll stuff as well as real life things, and show you talented users, and maybe even ask you your opinion on certain matters.
All kinds of comments are welcome. Even haters. It means you stood up for something in your life. Hahaha. But please no bad words. I despise those. So follow the rules, comment, have fun, and see you around!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Helloo,I'm Ashleigh

 I Don't feel like introducing myself so this is a pointless post.I Will tell you I'm Ashleigh.That's it because i'm lazy.I Will probably Post here more than The Voice,just because it's dull.At least the Chatterbox has bright colors.Hopefully,bright posts too.:D
 this post is pretty much pointless but my segment i will have every week is Photography Classes With Ashleigh,more details on that later,i now leave you with my silly duckface^^

Greetings! :) And Graphics!

Hello everyone! :]

Snickers_4314 here, new writer for the Stardoll Chatterbox! 

Here's some things about me:

-I'm also known as Anna and I live in the middle of nowhere in the good ol' US of A.
-I am 14 years old, in my freshman year of high school. 
-I love drawing and mostly anything that has to do with art.
-I LOVE mashed potatoes! Yes, I could eat them all day... :P And also sushi and ramen noodles!

I could put more, but that would be way too much to write! 

Anyways, I think I will mostly post about random things. If you have any suggestions, please comment! I am an aspiring graphic designer, so I will post some of my recent experiments here. Speaking of which, here are some! Please comment with some constructive criticism, I want to be a better graphic artist!

One of my first graphic designs! I rarely do full body poses. I drew the shoes and dress. And to make it easier, I did just draw over a picture found on the internet. 

 Yeah... um don't ask. Yes, this is what I mean - just experimenting. :) It looks really bold looking.

Hm. Forgot to erase some of that border. Oh, well. More of a natural looking makeup (If you can see.) I'm not a pro at enhancing the dolls yet.

Welp, any help will be greatly appreciated on my graphics! If you want to be "experimented" on, then just comment, and on my next post, which will be next week, I will post them. If you also want a graphic, say, for your banner, just ask please! :)

Easy Simple Make up Look

EDIT: Sorry that the pic is out of the frame. Teehee

Today I have this simple make up, it is easy, and not that expensive I guess.
So let's goooo.

Just do the following
First, remove all your make up, of course.
Then apply a dash to your lid and to the eye brows, it is depend on which color skin you have. If you don't do it, it is still fine.
Then apply any pop of color of your choice, you can even you white, but I don't want to go this like the normal smoky look. 
Next, apply a dark color of your choice, Im using brown, but other color and black work the same. If you want, you can stop here, add lip gloss, blush and you are done.
Then I like to add another bright color, again, this is really optional.
Here is the zoom-out look at the moment. 
But Im gonna add more. 

Sorry, I forgot that I put on the lip stick from Luxe. ;)

Bye, .....

Our society today

Hello there! My names Lara, I'm going to be posting about my opinions and things that relate to real life aswell as stardoll. I may do some make-up tutorials though :) I hate introductory posts so i'm just going to get on with my post! :)

This post is about our society today, and how everyone is heavily criticized. I was inspired by this status that one of my friends put on facebook - 

You eat, your fat - you don't eat, you're a freak.
You drink, your an alcoholic - you don't drink, you're a pussy.
You read, your a nerd - you don't read, you're stupid .
You let someone in, your easy - you don't let them in, your uptight.
You smoke, you think your cool - you don't smoke, you're a loser.
You've had sex, your a slut - you haven't had sex, you're frigid.
Wear make up, your a slag - you don't wear make up, you're ugly

This is saying that you can't win in your life and you'll never be perfect. Children are infuenced to grow up quickly. Children as young as eight are wearing make-up yet they have no need for it. I'm 12 and in my year, most people wear proper make-up to school. I wear mascara and a little powder. 

Young girls are pressured to wear make-up and then they over-do it therefore they get called 'slags' and 'sluts'. 

Vogue shoot - a bad example to young girls?

Issues such as anorexia have been caused by young people who are a little overweight or curvy being called 'fat'. People have lost their self-confidence. Being a 12 year-old girl in this society, i can tell you that you think its important how you look in this society. You hide any insecurities about yourself and lose your self-confidence. You want to be like those 'popular' girls.

We always want to change ourselves and parts of our body. Me, for instance, when i was younger i fell over and my front toot fell out. Unfortunately it was a adult tooth so its been stuck back in because i can't have a root canal filling until i'm 18. There is now a grey bit on the top of the tooth, i want that to disappear but i can't make it disappear, can i?

Emo/scene girl

The girl above would be seen as 'weird'. Her style wouldn't be accepted in our society. The pressure to look 'perfect' is overwhelming. Media is the main influence of these insecurities. Magazines and photos are edited to make the person look better yet most people don't realize this. Therefore they result to extreme measures to look as good as the people in the pictures. The problem is that the people in the pictures are just as 'imperfect' as everyone else. One girl even resulted to editing pictures of herself to make her look better. Nobody in our society can see the true beauty, just the beauty that is advertised. 


Stardoll has its faults too. All its face shapes and face features are all so typically 'perfect'. The only blemishes on the skin you can get are freckles and moles, no red patches, dry patches or spots. Although the body sizes are good as they are typically curvy, not too skinny. I saw one girl complaining that the body shapes weren't 'skinny enough'. I was shocked, how has this girl been influenced?

Anyway, to wrap this post up, everyone in our world is highly criticized and its not right. People, especially teen girls, are very insecure about themselves and how they look.

*I was also inspired to write this by bracken1234's post on inbetween stardoll*

Telling it how it is

Welcome to Masquerade

From wigs, to shoes, I-pods, Stardoll users have never failed to impress with their unique creations, but what impressed me the most were the masks. Masks can add that nice, mysterious touch to your outfit. Here's my doll wearing some of them.

The creator behind these masks is schmubble. She's selling them really cheap, for 10 or 11 stardollars, or even starcoins, even she pays them 16sd each, so check them out, I'm sure you will love them.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fashion Duel - Task 03

Leaving the competition this week is.....


You were 2 votes off. You Played a Great round and It's sad to see you go. But I hope to see you in our Next contest. 

Now onto task 3
Myself (bracken1234)
Real.Stargirl (Sofia)

Team 1

Team 2

Okay, at the end of this round the 2 people (1 from each team) will go against each other in the Duel.

Task 03 - Scenery Fun
for this task you must create a scenery, But your scenery MUST have a pose in it, It can be simple or complex but it needs to have a pose in it. Your theme is "Mothers Day"

staryou must use a pose
starDeadline: Wednesday (Earlier if all entries are in)
staryou can use 2 Entries
starPlease use an image sharer
starI am not responsible if you don't complete the task on time. 

Makeup Tutorial By FlamesJZ


So I decided that my first post was going to be about a makeup tutorial so here it is !

It was inspired by this picture:

(click on picture to enlarge)

I hope you like it !



Hello! I am sunnychic82. My real name is lauren and i am 11 years old. I live in england. In my spare time i like drawing, listening to music and playing computer games.I joined stardoll on the 17th of july, 2010 - which makes my account about a year and a half old. In real life i have blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. I also enjoy learning spanish, which is the language i take at school. I am in year 7 at the moment, which was daunting at first, but i think i'm used to it now. Although i am not very good at it, i like making graphics. My posts will probably vary from tutorials to new contests and new shops and stuff like you can probably tell i'm not one for talking!!!
So yeah, that's abit about me 
sunnychic82 x

Friday, February 24, 2012


Hello, I am Real.StarGirl, a new writer. Well, actually I was an old writer, the Makeup Artist of Freebiestardoll. Today I want to talk about originality. Like, why are most of the MeDolls here wearing the common 'Smoky Eye' look. Maybe don't do just plain Smoky Eye, add some colour to it. Or Mascara, almost every Medolls colour of what they wear is BLACK. Be original! I personally adore that Dark Blue Mascara which was in the new Dot collection. Or lipsticks, I personally LOVE my nude lipstick as it always matches with the Superstar Lips and any other lip which I like. But it wouldn't hurt for me to try something new. Well, my problem is I'm ATTACHED to my precioud nude lipstick ever since I got it. Who likes there Nude Lipstick (If they own one of course)?
Your opinions
On Originality.
Btw I just wanted to post something DIFFERENT from time to time.

Im heyheyheyBest, Im 12 if you wondering, and not a lot is wondering LOL. I live in Belgium. But I am a Vietnamese. Blah blah blah. I don't like so much about me, just jump into the post. Yeppy.
So today is how to wear chic but NonSS style. I know, but it is realllyyyy cute clothes in SD for nonSS. Yeah, it is. Well, today I will show you how to make this jacket look chic. I know, it kinda BORING when first look at it, but if you style it, it will should but cute.
It is from Pretty 'n love, it is 102 sc, but it worth it.
Ok, start with basic tee, any work great, mines is 20 sc from Fudge.
And any jeans of your choice. This one is the must have from Bizou. It is only 50sc, and you wear it with most of the thing in your closet. 
Now choose ANY shoes, of heels of your choice. Here is some that I love.
It already look great, but add some accessory and you are done.
Here is our final result.
The price is:
I know it look expensive, but most of the thing that you have already own you can use it.
And Ive tried in my suite.
Sorry that my jeans and heels is SS, but my jacket is only 50 Sc, it is half with the price that I've used in this tutorial. It is from Windows on the World.

Here is another one with a other shirt.

Hope you like it.
Post if you think I should do a nail art design tuto. (Real life one) Poll is coming. I guess. Byeee
Sorry, still figure out how to post poll here. LOL

PS: Most of the thing that I use normally is something that I own. Yep. Not all of them. Im just using something that I've used before, and I know that it is good. Luv you all.
 PPS: Plz dont hate. I know this is just a simple look, but it is for nonSS. Beside, mostly everyone can wear this, it is just simple, and it is unique if you use your one stuff and make it creative.