Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Release of Vanity Magazine issue #2!

I am very excited to announce that I released the second issue of Vanity magazine! Here is the link http://vanitymagazine.blogspot.com/   Please comment and follow!

Monday, July 30, 2012

5 colors of nail polish every girl should have

This year, I got Reallllly into nail polish .
I was searching online for good nail polish colors and came across This article called “5 colors of nail polish every girl should have”.
I thought that article was fantastic and I’m just going to post it here :)

5 Colors of nail polish every girl should have
1. A Classic Red.
Whether It’s Sparkly, dark, or bright. Red is a timeless color.

2. Pretty In Pink
A Pink always gives off the nice girlish look. They look especially fabulous with a tan (When is great because its, summer and the sun is shining :) )

3. A Neutral color
neutral colors can range from colorless to light pink/white. They are great for days when you just feel lazy because you dont have to worry about the chipping.

4. A Dark Color
These can be used for winter/fall. A Dark polish is usually a coco, dark purple, black, Dark blue etc.. Color :)

5. A Color that make you happy :)
It could be scented, glow In the dark, Bright orange, Light blue. Just a color that you love and makes you happy.


Olympic Ceremony

Yep, this is kind of late, but I just want to say a few things about the Olympic opening ceremony.

Well, not about the whole thing, because I actually did not see most of it. I turned it on too late. Oh, and I'm in the US, so I've heard that NBC edited out a bunch of stuff - which included showing the performers of Caliban's Dream, so I didn't find out who performed it until the next day. -.- Ah, 'Merica. :]

Well, now just mostly about the torch lighting ceremony.

Absolutely stunning. Breath taking. Magical. Loved it.

The song played during the torch run with the hopefuls was "Caliban's Dream" - performed by Alex Trimble of Two Door Cinema Club, Only Boys Aloud, Dockhead Choir, Elizabeth Roberts, Esme Smith, and percussion by Dame Evelyn Glennie.

I absolutely love this song. It's so haunting. In a good way.

(And I'm not saying this just because Alex Trimble sang. Since he is a member of one of my favorite bands ever. But TDCC is pretty awesome. For some awesomely amazing songs - check them out please! :D)

So all this stuff about the queen jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond and Mr. Bean I totally missed. Sorry. Still browsing what I missed on Youtube. :)

Here's Caliban's Dream:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Starcoins only outfit

I made this Starcoin ONLy outfit. :)

Total - 252 starcoins

Like it? :)


Yummy cupcakes :)

So.. We all love cupcakes right? :D

Well, here are some cupcakes my friends and I made :)

First cupcake - chocolate with caramel frosting and chocolate sprinkles.

Second cupcake - vanilla with strawberry frosting and m&ms.

Hearts, Icanglow

No post in two days!?

So no post in two days? Interesting.........So I have nothing really to say but so far in the Olympics, China has 8 medals, Italy has 6 medals and U.S.A has 5 medals. Also so far Switzerland has zero. ~Alana

Friday, July 27, 2012

Nearly there...

Ok so I'm super excited because it's nearly the olympics the opening ceremony is today so I'm super excited because I live in britain and I'm going to see the olympics so yeah I'm super excited.  Ok so now I'm gonna show you a look I'm doing so it looks a bit greek x

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

This is just a random post. I hope you enjoy this graphic.
I was going to make the horse a graphic too but I got to lazy. I really need to work on shading skin. Also MSW is coming up soon.

New graphic

This was a writers banner for Justineann.

I got really lazy with the right side of the hair and the arms....



Competition Vote

*Can Everyone who applied for album please tell me what page you would like featured. Thank you!








Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hi guys :)
So, here is a graphic i completed a few days earlier :)

I really need to work on my shading :(

Any tips on how to shade in the skin?


P.s Click HERE if you would like to see my graphic blog.

My new lana del ray look

ok so I have made my stardoll a lana del ray look alike Here's a pic x

XoXo missycass12

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New: Frankie Morello Tribute

I absolutely love this collection. I bought the entire thing. I love the sparkles and spikes. It reminds me of the Versace collection for H&M, but way better. Here it is:

What do you think?
- Ranya
P.S. I got my stardoll account back, after all those fake reports, so Im SO happy :D

new writer

I'm a new writer to this blog. :)

My username is Icanglow.

Not much to say but hope you enjoy my posts ^^



So sorry for another post but I want to ask if anybody wants to start a blog with me and I will need a bunch of writers. So if you want to be a writer just comment below and contact me in my gb. My username is ask510. So please sign up. xoxo Alana~Stay Beautiful

3D Medolls

Hey, I am so excited about my magazine coming out, but enough about me. I just came to tell you that Callie.Stardoll announced more about 3d medolls. They will be searching Stardoll for original medolls and fame does not matter. They will be making your doll into a real life doll!  xoxo Alana~Stay Beautiful

Smokey eyes look tutorial

OK here is my new youtube video of a how to do smokey eyes on stardoll

Xo xo missycass12

Monday, July 23, 2012

Leaving The Nest

Hello Readers, Fellow Writers,

I think I now have decided to finally leave Stardoll blogs and focus on a new skill.

I know I shouldn't be self advertising but where will you guys find me after I have left this blog? I have recently opened up a YouTube channel where I will post makeup tutorials, outfit of the days, hauls, etc.

I guess I just felt like I needed to get a move on and wondered why I was writing for a Stardoll when I had left Stardoll early on the year. Instead of sitting around waiting for inspiration, I decided to while out my camera and start filming. Who knows how many viewers, subscribers I get, just as long as I enjoy what I'm doing, which I do.

So, here I am, finally testing my wings and leaving the nest, leaving Stardoll and it's blogs.

Farewell everyone, I hope too see you on my new channel, doing what I love.

Niamh x


LittleMissNee7 (YouTube)
Little Miss Nee 7's Blog
Nee's Designs


Hello, my name is Maria and I'm a new writer for this blog. Well actually, I have applied as a writer some months ago short time after this blog was created, but I had been too busy to write anything. I don't know if I will ever write 'real' well-written posts, but would you like to see my graphics here?

I feel bad for advertising here in my first post, but my graphics/drawings blog has 14 followers and is really close to reaching 1400 pageviews... so when it reaches that I will host a little party! There will be a raffle with a stardollar prize and several other things, so stay tuned! And remember, the faster it reaches 1400 pageviews, the faster it will begin!

Click on the spoiler/invitation to visit the blog.


Vanity's Official spoiler for issue #2!

New graphic

Hi here's a new graphic if you would like me to make you a graphic then plz fill out this form

                                             Graphics form
                                           what you want me to do the graphic for:
                                           Note: dress up your doll how you want it to be in the graphic or I will do that.

OK so here's my new graphic

New graphic + blog

ok so a couple of days ago I released a new blog its still in the process but I need to get as much followers as I can.  Soon me and one of the other writers alana are going to do a graphic together and I will show the graphic on my other two blogs the stardoll magazine which is still in progress and also my other one stardoll style recently my other blog stardoll style has been viewed allot and has got a new member on the team her name is jodiestarlight on stardoll feel free to visit her suite,  I want to say thanks to all the people who have viewed my blog from this blog.  I have also done a new graphic and here it is. I would like to know your opinion on this graphic so I can improve x here is a link to my new blog x http://thestardollmagazinegossip.blogspot.co.uk/

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stardoll changed!

Hi fellow stardolls I'm a bit sad because since 2009 I have loved stardoll until they started changing the layout then the beauty parlour then the starpoints into levels Etc, I hardly like stardoll now because they are changing stuff so quick that I am a bit ashamed of what stardoll has become. If stardoll turned back into what made it so popular I would love it but for now it's this way x. Please comment on your opinion below :)

XoXo Missycass12 XoXo

Graphics reviews blog.

Hey Everybody, so I was scouring the internet and I found this Graphic Designer Reviews. This anonymous Stardollie does reviews on graphics and graphic designers. So far she did reviews on
LadyGagaMcQueen, LoveGossip4Life and, Doggy_Starpuppy. I have to say that many of the things she said are true, but I still think all of the girls are amazing and talented. You can apply for a review of your graphics also. So that's all I have to say and have a great day!



This post is going to talk about my tastes in music. Please don't be offended if I diss Bieber or 1D or anyone else. 

I just also want to say that I'm not trying to be hipster in liking mostly indie music. Foster the People is my favorite indie band, even though they're quite famous. Pop music just isn't my thing.

So yes - indie music of all types is what I listen to constantly. I listen to so many obscure bands/singers that most of my friends don't know. For example - Young the Giant, Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, Kimbra. 

I just think that whatever's hot in the Top 40 is just way too manufactured. Some songs just sound way too...fake. Take a look at One Direction. They were put together on the X Factor. It's not like they were lifelong buds or anything. Very produced. And their songs....don't get me started. Really. I've already offended tons of you out there. I just don't connect with their music. I get no meaning out of it other than the obviously stated ones. 

Take a look at Foster the People's "Call it What you Want". It's basically about being yourself. "...locked up in ideas; we like to label everything...", "...if it don't conform to what you were born into you run the other way...", and "...what I've got can't be bought...".  Tons of quotes I record come from songs like these.

There is so much music out there. Whether it be punk rock, country, alternative, or indie - it's your choice what you want to listen to. Music is so amazing, if we didn't have it, I'm pretty sure someone would find a way to make it or else I would not survive this world. [:

Anyways - I am currently uber obsessed with Two Door Cinema Club right now. And apparently, they're quite popular in Ireland/UK. 

And now here's some songs I think you should hear:

2DCC - "What You Know"

FTP - "Call it What you Want"

Kimbra - "Settle Down"

Sure, these songs are a bit more well known, but they're still amazingly good.

Well, have a nice day. [:

Saturday, July 21, 2012


The 1st person to get 60 people to join gets a superstar 60 SDs new pressentation new clothes and 5 pairs of nail polish! 

New writer for this wonderful blog

Hi I am shaylee9682 and I am the new writer for this awesome blog! I will try to post as much as I can! Please visit me on stardoll at: http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/?id=168909040



Hey Everybody, so this is like a random post but, oh well.

So these are just some amazing pictures that I decided to share with you. All of these pictures were found on the internet.

New Graphic and Blog x

Hi basically I'v done a new graphic and here it is if anyone would like me to make them a graphic like this than fill in the form below this pic is also for my blog called stardoll style lolorama which you can apply for below too x

                                                            Form details
                                                 name of blog or what you want it for:

                                                   Blog for details
                                            type of job:(you choose)
                                             why you would like to join:
                                            also instead of commenting you could send an email to cassiawigg@Gmail.com
also you use that form to be a model but you have to include headshots x

Xo Xo Missycass12


I'm so sorry to bother you again but I keep recieving emails and gb comments if they can join SVS. Please follow my blog before you apply. If you want to apply for modeling, stylist or graphic designer. PLEASE SIGN UP IN THE BLOG. IF YOU ARE NOT A FOLLOWER OF THE BLOG YOUR APPLICATION IS NOT ACCEPTED. thanks. I hope there will be no more problems. :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sign up to be a model!

Hey Everybody, I am going to work on my magazine called,"Vanity." I will need about four more models so, if you would like to be a model sing up here. Also if you are a writer or graphic designer you can sign up too!
 Model form
Headshot(link only to imgur, tinypic, ect.)
Writer Form
Example of writing you did:
What do you want to write about?:
Graphic Designer form

Nicki minaj makeup and hair tutorial

1) get this hair and make it black also make the skin tanned.

2) Then zoom in and start the makeup if you have a lipstick that's pink then apply it two times so that it stands out x.
3) Then put on mascara if you have the dot ones which are the volumizing  mascara and the lengthening   mascara too.
4)Now we are going to do the eyeliner and eyeshadow first you have to lift up the hair to the top it may look weird but its easier to get the eyeshadow on that way simply apply the black eyeshadow and the purple one then add a bit of black eyeliner to go underneath the black it should look like this->
now you are done. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ariana Grande

Hey guys, so I love Ariana Grande so much. She is so funny on Victorious so, I decided to make a graphic of her. How do you think I did? Any tips about graphics?
In 2008, Grande played the role of Charlotte in the musical 13 on Broadway, for which she won a National Youth Theatre Association Award. When she joined the musical, Grande left her high school, North Broward Preparatory School, but continued to be enrolled. The school sent materials to her for study with tutors. She played the role of Miriam in the first reading of the forthcoming musical Cuba Libre composed by Desmond Child. Grande teaches music and dance to children in South Africa each year as a member of Broadway in South Africa.
Grande plays the character Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon television show Victorious, which premiered in March 2010.
In May/June 2011, she was featured in Greyson Chance's music video for the single "Unfriend You", playing Chance's ex-girlfriend.
Grande was featured in Dream Magazine as the cover girl for the August 2011 issue. Info from wikipedia.

What Happened to you Stardoll?

Okay, So Im basically annoyed and fed up. I have gotten 2 warnings in 2 days now, and one of them is 100% false, while the other is 50% false. I remember being so excited to buy a new membership or a couple thousand Stardollars. Now, I just think it's a complete waste of your money. Why let us pay all these dollars for virtual items when they can't even let us pay or sell over 500sd? I used to play since 2009, more than 3 years! I spent at least 400 dollars on this website, and how they repay me? By giving me two warnings day after day. Stardoll is supposed to be about having fun, meeting new friends across the world, or marketing fake clothes that look like real ones. I miss how even the rarest piece of Limited Edition were easily found in Starbazaar, or how anyone could have had 10 pieces of 1st season DKNY. I miss when there were no hackers, or scammers, or rare-obsessed people. Now, you easily blurt out a wrong word, and you get deleted as quick as you say "Stardoll". They don't care about all the people who pay 50 dollars plus a year. For the love of God, they earn about 10 million a year! Before Stardoll had these many people ready to pay for memberships, we were the ones who had control. Now, it seems that they are ready to lose 50 members in a day without caring. Well, guess who does care? We do. I could've gotten myself something worth 500 dollars from Tiffany and co. or Alexander McQueen, but no, I choose Stardoll over all the designer items I can have, or at least 20 new clothes. I was stupid. I didn't think, but now I understand. Can you believe us? I can't even believe myself. It's so tempting, and I believe you agree with me, they are not even 3D. I can go to the school I.T. teacher and ask them to create a website like this for me. Maybe, one day, we will all grow up, and think that stardoll really has changed. From the nicest website, to the most website with boundaries, scammers, people who report you for no reason etc. I'm not saying that you should all leave stardoll, it's a wonderful website, with people who have worked extra hard to put it in the place it is now, Im just saying that you shouldn't pay that much money when half the things you do on there are crimes. I see innocent accounts being deleted, while the worst scammers are claiming they are 100% innocent, and Stardoll believes them. From now on, I think, the only reason I will go on Stardoll is to check my guestbook and reply to friend requests and messages. I will never ever spend a penny on a website who doesn't care what we think of them. They think they are improving it all, but in reality, they are making it worse, for them and for us. I have seen many people leave Stardoll, only because of the rude comments in their guestbook, and people accusing them for things they never even tried to do. I hope this was a good read for you guys. I will be looking forward to writing something like this again if you liked it.

- Ranya

Stardoll Sale!

Make sure you check out the starplaza to see the amazing 3 for 2 specials!

What's better than a sale on a piece of clothing you've been eyeing out for months? A 3 FOR 2 SALE! Starplaza has all stores excluding LE and Tingeling having a 3 items for the price of 2 sale so make sure you take a look at all stores and see if there are any great deals because i know i found a tonne. I took some screen shots to show you guys a few cool clothing items i found that were all in starcoin currency, meaning anyone can enjoy themselves in the 3 for 2 sale!

 So do you guys think this sale means theres new stock coming in soon and there trying to get rid of old styles? Well if that's the case im really looking forward to seeing some new fashion in starplaza!

BuTtEr_fLy xx