Saturday, June 30, 2012

Who Do You Think I Am?

I stand, my shoulders slumped, my knees bent, my head hanging and a fake smile plastered on my face. My eyes reveal my true emotions, the sadness, the hurt, the tiredness. This game has been going on too long now, the enjoyment is over. Yet, my master clings to my strings. Their cold eyes and evil smirk stare down at me. A glint crosses their eyes and they jerk my hand. It hits my face but my smile never falls because it can't, I can't control myself. That's when I do the unimaginable. I breathe in and look up. A real smile fills my face and I notice their expression change. They can't control me, only I can. Their eyes widen and their grip on my strings loosen until they are hanging at my sides. I smile, a smile for freedom. The next minute I run off, leaving my master behind. They are not my master any longer, because I am free, free from my strings. I am no longer puppet, no longer easy manipulated. I am free.

"Who do you think YOU are, who do you think I am?" (Lyrics from Taken by One Direction)

I guess that's how I felt before I left Stardoll, I was innocent, easy manipulated, easy to target. After I came to my senses I deleted my account, too much drama for me to handle and people know the fuss their was. I had to leave that world and I thank myself for doing so. Now I have gotten into blogging, which has improved my writing.

Now that I have abandoned that world, I feel free. I feel like a bird who has just learned to fly. I have discovered myself, I have basically found my real self. That old self-conscious me is braver and more confident. I still carry a few traits but I don't miss that other world I was part of and I am glad to come back home.

Sara and Manny were right. There are two worlds, reality and a virtual world. There is a fine line between them both, one tip and you could stay in one. I'm happy that I am part of both but I think reality will help me in the future.

It was nice to have you Stardoll but you exploited me, you exploited me too far that I finally realised the better.


Friday, June 29, 2012

A Writer With A View

Leaning back, I smile. A small satisfying smile, not a huge grin, just a simple curling at the ends of my lip. I shake my head and sigh, sighing with happiness. I haven't completed anything or overcome a problem that has been worrying me. No, surprisingly, I'm smiling after reading an article. Well, it was split into two parts but it was still one. It made me think, I guess, making me look at world in a new perspective.

The post was about blogs actually, funny that I'm writing this on one. The way she wrote the piece, it enticed me, making me interested, grabbing my attention. It was very unlike the other articles I have read, not being mean it any bloggers. It is true, what she said, it is fact that some people choose to ignore and try to overcome this theory.

I quote (from the following article); However, because great writers are so hard to come by, standards are lowered and good writers become famed. As a result, many somewhat quickly work their way up and reach the "famous" rank.

I smiled at that part, it stuck out like a sore thumb, but in a great way. I smirk knowing of many people who are like that. Not everyone is blessed with the talent of writing, we all know. I'm not saying that I, myself, am a great writer, because in fact sometimes I'm feel my work doesn't live to what it should be. I think I prefer to write the odd piece, here and there, spontaneously. Here I go, blabbering as usual, swerving off topic.

What I wish it say in this post, is that firstly; thank you Sara (sarabear123) for writing that ever-so inspiring piece on Memoires of A MeDoll, it moved me and changed my view. Thank you for that.

Secondly, I would like to forgive another bloggers who are offended by this piece. You are free to express anything into your posts and I don't judge you for that. I might have a different style of writing to you and might not understand what message you want to give me. Anyway, you should get over one or a few horrible comments. Before, I felt upset whenever I got a harsh comment, but recently I have smiled at that comment. That measly, little comment some how helps me with my writing, improves it I think. That doesn't mean that you should give people a harsh comment, some people are not made of hard stuff, you can say things nicely, remember.

I think you should go for what YOU love, not what your friends think. I love art, fashion, beauty and writing but you may be different. Hey, doesn't mean that you should shy away and be a wallflower. People will accept you, somewhere they will understand. They might not be near you, or live in the same country, but they do understand you.

I guess that concludes my spontaneous post and to all my readers, where ever you live, I bide you a small farewell.

Until we meet again,

Niamh x

No posts in a while- but more now!!

I haven't posted in forever, but my Summer Holidays stared today! SO I just wanted ot say that I am surely alive, and I will post later..

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Almost Done!

As You can see, the early part of the summer makeover is done.
Now, you all wanted a graphic?
If there is anyone who wants their graphic (which suits the theme) for TSC, please let me know in the comments!
Also, any improvements I can make for this early makeover thing?

Miss Sixty- Babe Overalls

I fell in love with this playsuit kind of style item of clothing! I love the colour which screams out playful, gorgeous and fashionable to me. For just 19stardollars at Miss Sixty, would you fill the heart in?

Let us know what you think by adding a comment!


Pizzagirl6's Makeover

Here is Pizzagirl6's makeover!
(Not the best makeover I have given. I know already)

I decided to do a smokey eye with purple and keep the lips dark to match the hair.

Want a makeover? You can request here or send me a message on stardoll (I am candycoolgal19)

              But you need to have these items

    • Mascara (Lengthening or Volumizing or any colour)
    • One blush
    • Two Eyeshadows
    • One lipstick

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We Meet Again...

Hello y'all. You may or may not know me.
I'm not a regular writer here.
but yeah, I made this look for TSC, And since the times of spring have passed, I wondered if you wanted a new look for the blog?

If so,
-What Style?
-Just font or should a graphic be added?
-Anything else?

Thank you!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shop 'Til You Drop

Hello there again! 

I'm trying to be a bit more active with my posts here, but alas, I am not. 

Anyways, this post will be about shopping. For clothing of course. Well, unless you like grocery shopping better. So I suggest you might want skip my post and head over to Good Housekeeping or something.


I love to shop, but especially when I can snag a great deal. I think I got this gene from my mother - if it's not on sale; you can't buy it! (Of course, my father is fine with spending money here and there, but that's another story.) 

This is the reason I love shopping at thrift stores.

Those little shops that have donated and used clothing from random people somewhere for a discounted, uber cheap price. I'm a proud thrift shopper. I even have preferences for the nearly new stores I shop at. (My local Salvation Army is too expensive for used clothing, in my opinion. I mean, $5 for stained sweater? No, thank you. Well, your local Salvation Army may be fine, but every place is different.)

I've bought some great pieces from them. A new Vera Wang skirt (tags still attached!) for only $2. A vintage cameo pendant necklace. A barely used J. Crew blazer. And some super cute oxford heels.

So go on! Don't be afraid to be seen at thrift stores! You never know what you may find for such a great price. :)

July Hotbuys

Hi Chatterbox Stardolls!

Just wanted to show you what July's awesome Hoybuys are! They are full of vibrant colours to kick start the summer season, so why not dress your Medoll in neon, bright colours to match the sun and be July's Covergirl?

Cant wait to buy them myself, what about you?


Friday, June 22, 2012

Makeup Tutorial +Outfit Hello Yellow

Hello Yellow

Step 1. Apply Sunshine Shadow like in the photo below.

Step 2. Apply Butter Cup Shadow to start a gradient look.

Step 3. Apply Lavender Dove Eyeshadow to the outer corners to finish a gradient look. (You might not be able to see in the picture)

Step 4. Apply More Mocha Eyeliner.

Step 5. Apply More Mocha Volume Mascara

Step 6. Apply Warm Apricot Blush


I love lace on stardoll and real-life. Lace is girly and sweet. I paired it with a skirt and gorgeous shoes.


Sunday, June 17, 2012


Improvise: to compose and perform or deliver without previous preparation

It is a word many bloggers don't even know they do a lot of the time. We improvise and write what we are thinking at the moment in time. A spur of the moment. Even writing this, I am improvising, making up sentences on the spot.

Now, what would we actually do without improvisation? We would have very single detail planned out to be perfect. Yet, there is no such thing as perfect. Take a recipe for example. The instructions are easy and we are told to follow them to get the perfect product. You may find that you might not have everything that the instructions have told you, so you improvise or experiment. In the end you come out with a beautiful cake or pan of bread. You realise that things are better when you improvise.

I, myself, am quite organised but I find that when I improvise, everything, most of the time, is better than I planned.

Basically, what I'm saying is that, don't be afraid to improvise, a spur of the moment can be the best thing that will happen to you. It depends on what you choose.

Niamh x

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Change The Starpoint System back!!

Thanks to mileykent

If you hate the new starpoint system
Click Here to sign the petition!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

tellyouwhat1998's makeover

I really hate her eyeshadow (no offence). I was inspired by a chocolate with strawberry filling so I created a pink and brown eyeshadow look.

Want a makeover? You can request here or send me a message on stardoll (I am candycoolgal19)

              But you need to have these items

    • Black Lengthening and Volumizing Mascare
    • One blush
    • Two Eyeshadows
    • One lipstick

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Makeup Tutorial + Outfit An Autumn Leaf

I have a makeup tutorial and outfit for you guys. This is inspired by autumn leaves.

An Autumn Leaf

Step 1: Apply Just Peachy Eyeshadow

Step 2: Apply Sienna Eyeshadow

Step 3: Apply Mossy Garnet Eyeshadow

Step 4: Apply Sienna Eyeliner

Step 5: Apply Volumizing Mascara

Step 6: Apply Warm Apricot Blush

Now time for the outfit:

The main colour of this outfits is brown which is the same for an autumn leaf. The accesories match this outfit very well and the top is simple but stylish.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Miss Stardoll Pageant!

The latest project in Dollywood...


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Todays covergirl is Galaxia. She stardoll staff and is charge of one of the contests on stardoll. Do you think its fair she won?? Did you vote for her? Click here: to go to her suite.

Indigenous Video

I just wrote a post an ISD about an Eco Friendly fashion line called indigenous. I would like to share a little bit about it with you, so here is a little video about it!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Green To Yellow Gradient Nail Tutorial

Hi. So I know it's Summer and I should use more bright colors like yellow, orange, etc but I think this could be summer(ish). Also, it's inspired by this picture I found;

bracken1234's Makeover

Here is bracken1234's makeover.

I really think her original doll is gorgeous and I felt challenged to come up with a better look. I decided on a purple,pink and beige combination for a spring look.

Want a makeover? You can request here or send me a message on stardoll (I am candycoolgal19)


But you need to have these items

    • Black Lengthening and Volumizing Mascare
    • One blush
    • Two Eyeshadows
    • One lipstick

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey Guys!

Hey. So since it's summer and I'm done with my school work and stuff. I'm free to blog! :] I just downloaded Hyper Cam to make some tutorials in it. I think this way it'll be easier and faster for y'all. But if it's a problem, than I'll go back to posting pics. :] Tell me what you think of it below. :]

Long time, no post! + Online Clothing

Hello dear readers!

I think it's been quite a while since I last posted...
Anyways, I hope your summer is going super well! If you're out of school. I've been out and about for the past week or two - fishing, picnics, friends, etc.

Anyways. Well. 

Oh yes. I am going to show you a couple of web-stores that I shop from frequently. One is a bit pricey, but the other one is surprisingly affordable. (I really don't know why I'm telling you this. Just have to get it out there! If you like clothes, and want to be unique, these websites are for you!)

First ---

Modcloth is a cute little retro-indie-vintage clothing site. They have the cutest clothes and swimsuits! 

(Here's a little screenshot I just took. I zoomed out, so it is a bit bigger)

In addition to clothing, accessories, and shoes, they have home decor items and books. Their prices vary, but range from about $20-$50 for a nice shirt. Dresses are usually a bit higher though. Swimsuits are expensive also - $80. I've been dying to get one, but just can't afford it. And, if you're like me, you may just browse through their sale section every day to see if you can snag a great deal. And every Tuesday (called "Twelvsies Tuesday") they have 12 items on sale for only that day. Pretty cool. :D

Here's some of their items (click pic to make larger):
(Left to right : Scoop of Sorbet Dress - $59.99, Classy in Cabo Top - $37.99, Perennial Favorite Flats - $27.99, Bathing Beauty One Piece in Needlepoint - $89.99, Lace See Shorts - $37.99)

And second -
I love this site! It is surprisingly super cheap (compared to most sites) but stylish at the same time. They have a bit more funky styled clothing - like indie, tribal, bright colored. I don't buy much of their clothing, but mostly their shoes and jewelry. Most of their shirts are sheer and cut out at the back, but that may be because of the summer season. Everyday, they have a daily "Deal of the Day" - where a few items are on sale for only that day. They have some super good deals there - like a $28 pair of wedges for only $13! They are very affordable - in tops the prices range from $5 to $40. 
Here's some of their items (items with - * - are on sale):
(Left to right: Bohemian Spirit Dress* - $17.10, Malibu Beauty Top - $20.70, Bamboo Morris-16 Rosette Cuff Thong Flat Sandal* - $15.20, Bird of the Tropics Necklace and Earrings - $16.50)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my informative e-fashion post (if you read it). If you did read this, thank you so much! It's good to know that all this work didn't go to waste. :) If you have any suggestions to other clothing sites, I'd be happy to know! I love shopping online - my small town does not offer many unique clothing stores. Welp, thanks for reading! :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Caoimhemgr1 & Mgirl07's makeovers

Here are Caoimhemgr1 and mgirl07's makeover


So her before look is very dark and goth. The only eyeshadow colours she had was black and white so I did not have many options.


I am not a big fan of her eyeliner. I changed her eyeshadow into a beautiful sky blue colour. I do admit the 'after' lips I gave her are not as good as her 'before' lips.

I do requests, however you need these items-

  • Black Lengthening Mascara
  • One blush
  • Two Eyeshadows
  • One lipstick

You can request in the comments or contact me on stardoll (I am candycoolgal19)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Looking For Media Partners

Hello Chatterers!

If you want to become media partners with Stardoll Chatterbox fill in the form if not contact me in StarMinimon (You have to be the owner of the blog)

Link of Blog:
Number of Followers:

By becoming media partners i will add your logo to the right side of the blog and we expect you to do the same with our logo.

iluvladygaga232's makeover

iluvladygaga232 requested for a makeover so here it is!

I am not a really big fan of the hair and lips. I changed her hair into a natural colour and put lipgloss on for a little shine. I decided to make the eyes the centre of attention by using a beautiful blue which stands out from the 'natural' face.

To see the outfit I made for her click here

The next person getting a makover is Caoimhemgr1

I do requests, however you need these items-

  • Black Lengthening Mascara
  • One blush
  • Two Eyeshadows
  • One lipstick

You can request in the comments or contact me on stardoll (I am candycoolgal19)