Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lazy me..

I was going to do another overexposed post but i really can't be bothered. Lazy me. I was going to ask you what writer banner i should use. I made 2 new ones but i'm not sure which one to use, i've found out a great website for fonts and texts so i use that all the time. Anyway, here are the 2 options! Both graphics and banners were made by me.

So which one do you guys prefer? Which one should i use? Opinions please! Oh, and heres my overexposed banner -

So, yeah, my next post is about being dramatic. Anyway, see you soon.

Party Changes!!

Changes To Parties! New interior, We can make private chat rooms and, of course, join a party!

The bad thing is that it is not possible to change the decor in the rooms, as when you go to create it says:

Click to enlarge

What do you think of these new changes?


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interesting Hairstyles

I'm going to show you some intresting hairstyles, that aren't too radical. I love all of these and i hope you do too.

#1 - 

I love dip-dye hair and its a fun way to add a interesting twist to your hair this summer. Go for bright colours. You can go for permanent or temporary. For a quick fix, use a wash out hair dye.

#2 - 
Side of hair shaved

#3 - 
.Fishtail and waterfall plaits are lovely and fairly easy to do. Search up a tutorial on youtube.
                                     Ladder braid                                                  Rope braid

                                          Herringbone braid                            Crown braid

#4 - 
Hop on the pastel band-wagon with pastel hair.

Hope you found this useful! I love all of these hair styles and thought i'd share them with you. Hopefully it gives you ideas.


This post id going to be about shorts. I love shorts, its coming to summer now and i'm wearing shorts a lot. Tumblr is populated by pictures of girls in the cutest shorts ever, heres how to wear some of these unique shorts.
I'm starting with a few examples of some shorts that are really nice.

I believe you can get some american flag shorts from topshop, or primark. I own some.
Newlook do some nice floral shorts, I got mine from there last year. The ones above are different though.
I saw these crochet shorts in topshop and fell in love!

I suppose you can get some aztec shorts from topshop, newlook, urban outfitters or any other clothes shop. You can go the whole hog with an all-over pattern or just half-way with pockets or half the shorts.

                 Again you can probably get some dip-dye shorts from certain clothes shops. They have      some nice parsian ones in newlook.

Striped denim shorts from newlook, i love these too!

Oh, and i love these too. I have no idea where these come from, a random tumblr picture.

I love High-waisted shorts too, i prefer lighter denim shorts aswell. Here are a few ways to wear some of these shorts.

#1 - 
With a plain white shirt, or grey (How i wear them)

#2 - 
With a top in the colour taken from the shorts
(A bit like this)

#3 - 
With a graphic tee

#4 - 
With a clashing patterned top

I hope this post helps you with how to wear your summer shorts, and also gives you some new short ideas. I enjoyed making it because i have a small obsession with shorts. 

Pinkladygaga562's Makeover

Pinkladygaga562 requested for a makeover so I gave her one.


She is very gorgeous, however I think she looks a little too dark.


I decided to use a peach colour because it is so much brighter and suits the season we are in.

I do requests, however you need these items-

  • Black Lengthening and Volumizing Mascare
  • One blush
  • Two Eyeshadows
  • One lipstick

You can request in the comments or contact me on stardoll (I am candycoolgal19)