Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games! :)

Before I begin...
The owner of this blog is suspected to be a hacker?


I'll just keep on continuing with posts when I have time, but I don't think I can take over this blog. I have way too many things to do and I don't want to let anyone down. 

Well, on Saturday I went with my friends to see the Hunger Games! Other than the fact it was my first time at a movie theater (well, yes, I know, that's very weird. I don't get out much :]) the movie was AMAZING. 

If you haven't seen it yet, you should totally go! And if you haven't read the book yet, you really should too! Usually, books explain things better than movies, since movies don't go into much detail. Sure, there are differences, but there'll always will be. Now, I'll just talk a little about it. :)

(Here are most of the characters;(from left to right)Clove, Marvel, Foxface, Thresh, Glimmer, Cato, Rue, Peeta, Katniss, and Gale.)

The cast is really well picked and they act really well, in my opinion. I'm not a movie critic and you may have other opinions, which is fine with me. Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark, and Liam Hemsworth acts Gale Hawthorne. There are also other actors (well, duh) like Clove, one of the tributes, is played by Isabelle Fuhrman, who acted in Orphan. And yes, like most starstruck watchers of this movie, I am now obsessed with Josh Hutcherson. Haha, yes. :)

(These are some funny little memes. I'm sure you've seen these before, on Facebook and such. Ah, Peeta...)

And now, I will leave you alone. Now you go read the Hunger Games and watch the movie. You won't regret it. :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What happened to this blog?

As it turned out, the previous owner is suspected to be a hacker, so she left, making everyone admin, yet no one wants to do anything with it. Come on, do something, because it really seems promising idea. Does anyone want to takeover this blog, hire some new writers, get new followers, etc? I certainly won't, because I am known to start and then abandon the projects when I can't deal with them, and I can't take that responsibility. 
Anyone here? Do something, don't let this blog die!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Katniss Everdeen Makeup Tutorial

I didn't make this, but it's on YouTube and it's a pretty good tutorial. Any other Hunger Games fans out there? :) So excited for the movie coming out on Friday..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LE is out !!!!!!

Here is it. It is still a lot there for me, but I'm nonss so yeah. go and grab it if you have been waiting.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bows, Stones and Animal Print Nail Tutorial

Hey guys!
Today I have a stardoll nail tutorial for you.
Hope you enjoy!

You will need:

Step 1: Make sure your nails are long.

Step 2: Apply an animal print nail polish.

(Optional) Step 3: Apply a top coat for an extra shine.

Hehe. You can't really tell the difference from this picture and Step 2.

Step 4: Shrink your stones or pearls. Then put 4 on the tip of every nail.

Step 6 : Add pink bows on each nails and...Voile! You are done!

Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Would Anyone be interested in a Competition?

I'm Not sure what kind of competition Yet. 

If you are Interested Please post application in comments:

Idea for a competition: 

Stardoll Cheat!

Today I have seen a Stardoll cheat! It's the shorts from bizou and the LE hotpants. This is my best yet!

High Wasted Shorts:

LE Noir Hotpants:


Thursday, March 15, 2012

3 Starcoin Outfits with Wild Candy Licorice Skirt

Hi! I'm candycoolgal19. You may not know me but I also write for Stardoll Voice. Instead of boring you with details of me, I'm going to show you 3 starcoin outfits with the new Wild Candy Licorice Skirt priced at 101 starcoins.

Outfit 1

A colour scheme is always great! Purple and black look amazing together, so why not try this?

I used:

 Gift-O-Meter Headband 
Fallen Angel '20s Necklace (30sc)
Fallen Angel Tube Top (40sc. The top is under the purple one)
It Girls Purple Pop Tanktop (69sc)
Wild Candy Licorice Skirt (101sc)
Basics Black Bucket Bag (20sc)
Pastel Crossover Stilettos (82sc. From the 2011 Miss Stardoll World store)

Outfit 2

Do you like these tops? If you do, how did you style it? Have you tried it with the Licorice Skirt? Well if you have not, this is what it will look like.

I used:

Ruffle Headband (25sc)
Fallen Angel '20s Necklace (30sc)
It Girls Layered Grey Tank Top (79sc)
Wild Candy Licorice Skirt (101sc)
Voile Sharp Bracelet (20sc)
Voile Zhang High Heels (30sc)

Last but not is Outfit 3

I love this top! Do you? The sides of the shirt are longer than the middle and the purse is AMAZING.

I used:

Zebra Print Flower Headband (40sc)
I got the necklace for free a while ago (I do not know if it is still available)
Rio Colorblock Fern Top (140sc but I got it for 14sc)
It Girls Stardoll Bangles (30sc)
Wild Candy Licorice Skirt (101sc)
Bonjour Bizou A Rose is a Rose Purse (65sc)
Voile Zhang High Heels (30sc)

Well I hoped you liked the outfits.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is just to say...

Hello again!
I may only post about graphics every so often, and just post when I have time. 
Hope that's okay with you all! :)

Now, I'll just post a creative nail idea I think you'll like. I love painting my nails with all sorts of designs. It takes some patience, practice, and creativity! ;] 

(These pictures are all not mine, nor are the ideas. It's just really fun to try them!)

Floral Print Nails

1.) Start with a base coat, if you want to protect your nails. After it dries, paint your nails a light color, preferably pastels, if you want to go for the vintage look.

2.) After that layer dries, start painting the flowers. Pick two pinkish colors, one darker or lighter than the other. But it doesn't have to be pink, be imaginative! Maybe purple and blue, yellow and orange; anything goes! :) Put a little dot of each color next to each other and swirl a bit with a toothpick. Do that several times on each fingernail to each finger.

3.) After the flowers dry, add two little green leaves to the flowers for a finishing touch. And voila! You are done! If you want, you can do every other nail as shown above in the picture, and put stripes or polka dots too. It's your nails, do what you want! ;]


I'll also post some random things about me. I don't know why, but just so you'll get to know me better! :D 

-I absolutely LOVE Foster the People. They are amazingly amazing, and their music is so real. I can just relate to their songs a whole lot. :) 

-I also love the Philadelphia Phillies! They're an American baseball team and they're pretty much awesome. :) If you've ever been to a MLB game of your favorite baseball team, or any sport for that matter, you know how amazing it is to see your favorite players on the field. I've even gotten  an autograph from one of my favorite (relief) pitchers - Ryan Madson, though he's not on the Phils anymore. :(

(Well, I'll admit it. This sunset in SD is actually quite beautiful.)

-I live in South Dakota, USA. I feel safe posting this, because who would want to go to that boring state just to find me? Haha, but really. SD is boring. Very. We don't even have a million people in the whole entire state! Well, the wide open spaces are quite refreshing and relaxing, it does get boring. But horseback riding is fun to do here, and the county fairs. All that small town flair. :)

(Ah. Those antlers. It's my dream as a deer hunter to get my first trophy buck.)

-Just something to add to my South Dakotan life. I love to hunt. Deer. It may seem cruel to kill them, but it's actually good for them. If we didn't hunt them, they would overpopulate the state. I've only gotten 2 deer (both does) in the past season using a deer rifle. Can't wait for next season! And deer jerky is delicious! And all the other meat. Just cleaning and butchering the deer is gross for me. 

(There's Lucas Shogren playing the cello on the left. He's on the left in the next pic. His wife is in the middle. His cello/violin/percussion group is called Clocks and Clouds. They're amazing. :] )

-I absolutely love orchestra! It may seem nerdy, but I really get into it. I play violin, and it's really fun. :) We had a concert last night, and a semi-famous conductor guy directed us. Lucas Shogren. *Sigh.* I am obsessed with him. He is actually pretty cute :) (he's married though). We were playing his song for a while, and I always thought it was written by some old guy. It really surprised me when we rehearsed and he came up. Ah, starstruck. :)

Now, I'll just end it for today. Sorry if I bored you with just telling you about myself and if this was way too long. Either way, I'll just post more with each post. I'll try not to do Stardoll related topics, so you can get a little break from it. Hope you all have a great Wednesday night or Thursday! (For me, I have no school on Thurs. and Fri. since it is spring break.) :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New floors in Wild Candy

Stardoll has added 2 new floors to Wild Candy.
The prices are very reasonable and range from 50 sc to 148 sc. Everything is in Starcoins and very affordable :) Plus, the clothes are fun and colorful. They even have a new, lilac-themed store interior. Here is the first floor.

(click to enlarge)
Click HERE to visit the store.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Media Partners

It is time for this blog to get what every great blog needs: Media Partners

If you would like your blog to be media partners with The Stardoll Chatterbox, apply in the comments of this post with this form:

Blog name:
Blog link:
Link to blog logo: (if you don't have a logo just say so!)

But , before you apply, there are two qualifications your blog must have:

It must be about Stardoll
It must have at least 30 followers

When your blog becomes a media partner of SDC I will put up your blogs logo and link in the Media Partners page.

I will be sending out some applications to big blogs, as well.!
Look out soon for the media partners page! Thanks for reading, and please apply if you would like to.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kidding me? From 5SC to ... 4SD???

So I guess mostly everyone in SD know the basic black bra in Stardoll Girl (now is It Girl) at the last row from the store.
Well, before, it was only 10sc, but before It Girl was released, they have a sale, and it was only 5sc, the last time. But today, when surfing around, I see this.

I totally drop my jaw when see it. OMG

It go to 4sd. I shocked. It is realllllyyy old, I believe. But It's can't go like that. I have no idea what Stardoll think. WOW.
Well, I know it kinda boring today, but Watch out! ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Please help - The Fashion Book of Stardoll

I am going to start a book of stardoll fashion...You have to tell me things to write in that book...

The book ain't gonna be made of graphics, or not at all (although if somebody wants to be a graphician, I am gonna make him one) . I am gonna use the fuction of the album from stardoll.
I hope that you will like it. I also need writers and models...
But, I want you to write in comments what do you want me to write about...


Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello everyone! I am a new writer for SDC. You might have seen me before on Inbetween Stardoll, I am the Best Design of the Week writer there. Here I have decided I will not have a specific 'job', instead I will post about whatever I feel like writing about. :) Also, I will not be one of those writers who posts, like, every day. I will probably post about once or twice a week. However because this is just an introduction post I will write again here Saturday or Sunday. What should I write about this weekend? Answer in the comments please.

Now for a bit about me. My name is Mikayla, and I am 15 years old. I am proud to say I live in Canada, the second largest country in the world. My stardoll username is omigosh_lol , feel free to add me or guestbook me.

Bye for now!


OMG, Ive been saving lately, and that is not me normally, but yeah. And today, I found a pantyhose in the starbazzar is so cheap and cute, so bought it. And I though it was 11SC, and i was 111sc. Im so mad at myself. HAHA. SO yeah, but i will be saving up. Luv you.


So I decided to spend some time at my gran who lives in a village nearby our town. And I had really great time. I gotta admit, I have more friends there then in my hometown. I spent most of my time with my cousins, 13 and 8 year old sister and their mother. We played cards, I introduced them to Stardoll, we talked, and it was really great. My gran has a cat that is expecting kittens, and they may come out really soon, I touched her belly and I could feel kittens moving, amazing.
I had internet access there at cousins, but I didn't take full advantage of it, instead I decided to spend time talking to my friends, cousins, there is one baby in a village and she's adorable. I drank a lot of coffee, because whenever I went they'd offer to make me one.
Still, I am glad I am back, I missed my family, especially my mum, who I talked to everyday few times per day, and now I'm meeting her to go shopping. She got a voucher for Woman's day to spend in perfumery, so I'll be buying few bubble baths, deodorants, hair dye (I dye my hair in black), etc. I also missed my dad, though his munching not so much lol. My brother, my other cousins from town, my cats.
I am back, and the life is good.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tutorial: Electric Chapel.

Hello All! This is a tutorial I did for a competition recently... hope you like it(:

If you want to steal my heart awayMeet me, meet me baby in a safe placeCome on, meet me in electric chapelConfess to me where you have been.

 Step 1. Clear all of your makeup and take off any items.
 2. Add lengthening and thickening eye mascara (DOT)
  3. Add  Black eye kohl (DOT) on the top and lower side corners of eyes.
4. Add black eyeshadow (DOT) on top sides of eyes. ( No where else, it won't show up later.)
5. Add Malibu blue eyeshadow (DOT) in a winged manner a bit under the black eyeshadow.
6. Add Violet's Hope eyeshadow (DOT) on the inner corners of eyes.

 Step 7.  Add DOT cotton candy lipstick.( You can just keep the lips natural if you want, I just thought it kind of added a cool contrasting look.)
Step 8.  Apply LUXE clear lipgloss on the bottom right side ONLY.
9. Apply winged pink Deepening rose eyeliner (DOT)

Viola!  You now have the Electric Chapel look! 
You can also make it more original using different eyeshadow or lipstick colors, like so:

That's all, I hope you like this tutorial!

Make-up Tutorial - Black and white

I hope you like this, since everybody has been making "black & white outfits", I decided to make a tutorial!
I hope you like it......


On Stardoll:

How to do it:

Step 1

Add some black eyeliner and black volumising mascara from DOT. Gently do it over your eyes.

Step 2

Add some white eyeshadow from LUXE, then very carefully smear a tiny bit of it on your eyes.

Step 3
And finally add some black/dark silver  eyeshadow from LUXE, once over on the edges, and twice on the end of your eyes. I hope you like it so far!

Step 4 ( Optional)
Finally if you would like add some pink glossy lipstick to finish it. I just added it to make it look like in the picture. =)

Items used


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hi there, I'm a new writer :)

It's pretty late but I got the invitation in my inbox and had to do a post right away. Stardoll Chatterbox is my favourite users blog because the Voice and Most Wanted are both inactive now. :)

I'm going to make this simple: I'm cimmystar and I'm from Canada. Well, that's pretty much all! Good night.


Haii [:

I'm PrettyRoxyGid, and I'm new here. I used to write for Stardolls Voice [it became super inactive, uncared for and stupidly boring], and you can see all my posts by clicking here, or to visit my suite click here. You may've seen my blog Princess Gun SD [follow if you want], but it's very unpopular atm.

I've written on thousands of stardoll relating blogs, but I post on a very popular one called ISD.
I hope you enjoy my posts here [:

*if you have tumblr follow mine at &+ I will be making a banner soon. thanks*

Monday, March 5, 2012

Little late here!

Hello dear readers!

Sorry about the delay, if anyone cares at all. I was supposed to post yesterday. :)
But now, it seems I will just post randomly whenever I feel I have the time. 
Surprises; ya gotta love 'em. 

And also: To Starminimon who asked to be experimented on: I'm super sorry, I haven't finished it yet! My computer has difficulties loading up huge programs like Gimp, and you know, there's always school. I'll try to post it as soon as possible! :)

Now, I will show you some more graphics I have made a while ago:

Again, little border left behind. Oh well. You may notice that some of these models look the same, because I've used them multiple times. Here, I'm just practicing the art of drawing hair on Gimp. :)

Now this is a little tilted head action, with the hair flowing down. I added a little clothing, but it doesn't look too well.

The final piece! It's still a work in progress, as I need to add some shading and finish it up. 

Well, any comments are appreciated, and if you'd like to be experimented on, please comment! (I'll try not to be late like this time.)
Have a good day people! Or night. ;)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paradise make-up tutorial

I've done a 'Paradise' make-up tutorial for a competition and here it is! I used a paradise instrumental as backing music because it just suited. Anyway, there's not much to say, so here it is!

Anyway, hope you like it :)

The make-up look ^^