About Us

Stardoll Chatterbox was created on February 23, 2012 by oddball99 a blog similar to Stardoll Voice. Now the owner has left Stardoll and at the same time leaving Stardoll Chatterbox, making it inactive but with the help of all of us (Chatterers), we will make Stardoll Chatterbox better than ever!

Many larger blogs always hold applications, to allow the highest quality only of writing. On The Stardoll Chatterbox, anyone on Stardoll can write if they want to. You could consider it another blog to write for, or you could consider it the place to practice your blogging, so that one day you could be good enough to write for those big blogs. oddball99 thought this could help the blogging industry by giving writers a chance to express themselves, and improve on their writing.Even if you already write for those 'big blogs', it is always nice to write somewhere where you don't have to live up to the big blog standards, you know?

This is a place where any of you can blog, when you want, when you feel like it. 
This blog was created and will always belong to oddball99!


  1. hey, I was just curious as to who owns the blog now? as i want to make a post about a magazine but I would like to get permission first :) Thank you

    ~ bracken1234

  2. Hello. One of your writers copied my post and put it on here and another blog. How can I get it deleted? It's mine.