Monday, April 30, 2012

OVEREXPOSED - Scuba dress

This is my first overexposed article and i'm kicking it off with a post about the scuba dress. if you don't know what the scuba dress is, search it up. I'm not going into massive detail over it. It's practically the most sought after item in Stardoll, its from the first collection of DKNY.

The reason this dress is overexposed is because this dress is pretty standard. Out of a crowd of clothes i wouldn't pick it out. Of course, because its a scuba dress, lots of people, myself included, would love to have it. Honestly, I wouldn't pay 500SD's for this dress. Its not actually that nice. I don't know how it became a very sought after dress, did someone just turn around one day and go, "Hey, let make that DKNY scuba dress really rare and lusted after, just for the laughs." I'm sure if society had said that when it was out, everyone would've raced to get it. 

Then again, all rares are sort of overexposed, but i'm no stranger to them. If i can get my hands on them, i will, but i only buy them because it makes you feel 'higher in stardoll society'. After i buy a 'rare' or 'hotbuy' or something, i think to myself, its just a game, why does buying this pixel, non-existent piece of clothing feel good. Then again, i feel good when i get a rate higher than 7 on facebook, nobody can give anybody lower that 7 though, that's plain rude.

Back on subject, i hate it when people are like "Hey, guess what, I've got a DKNY dress, i'm so cool."
No, your not cool, its a pixel dress in a pixel, online world. Nobody cares in real life. You can't get in a job interview and be like this - 

Interviewer - So what achivements have you colleceted in life?
You - I actually got a ELLE jacket on stardoll, it was pure lushness and i was really cool on stardoll. I even won covergirl once. I was really proud of myself when i got best designer aswell.
Interviewer - Isn't stardoll and online website?

Do not get me started on covergirl. To be fair, you'd be pretty pleased if you got it but its just a status, its nothing big. Now i'm going off topic but seriously, the scuba dress is overexposed and i'm SICK of it.

So my next overexposed post is either going to be over-dramatic people or facebook depressing statuses. I know its supposed to be stardoll overexposed posts but both occur on stardoll. Also, comment with post suggestions and OVEREXPOSED post suggestions. Also, i'm trying to get better at graphics so comment with  tips or tutorials if possible, thanks. :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hey guys! I know this isn't what I usually write about, but I have good news! Today I'm so excited. Why? Because my tooth came out! Well, it's a baby tooth. It has cavity so it hurts. And now I can finally chew w/o it bothering me. :D I have 10 more baby teethes until I can get braces!!!!  Wish me luck! ;]

Makeup tutorials!!!!!

Sorry for my recent lack of posts,. Hunger Games are taking over. Panem ftw!

For this tut i am using BethanyWil My cousin

Sorry. I am too tired to do  the steps. next post will be a well good one, I promise :D


New Graphic!

(I know, I said I needed a new graphic for this blog, but I've been busy. Or lazy. :P)

Hello everyone!

Over the past few days, I spent several hours on this graphic.

(I know, the top of the head is cut off. I didn't plan ahead. And there are those little edgy things around the edges. Ack, I don't know how to make it straight!)

I scoured the Internet to find graphic tutorials and found these two to be amazingly helpful:

It is amazingly simple, but time consuming to make the hair that way. I think it looks much more professional and cleaner that way, instead of shading or using the burn tool. 

There are three ways in this tutorial to make the skin. Any one of them makes the skin look so much cleaner, but again, they are time consuming. But so worth it. I used the "Shady Lady" way.

Anyway, I hope you find these tutorials to be helpful in your graphic design making. Remember, I'm only an amateur in graphic design creating, and if you are too, look what you can do! Just practice a ton, and you'll get it perfect. :)

Tress Up!

Heya Chatterers! Today I wanted to tell you about the new and amazing store Tress Up! 

You all know how many dolls sell wigs made in the Jewellery store, because to be honest there isn't much of a variety of hairstyles for our doll to wear however now there is! Offering two floors, this new store has some great hairstyles for our dolls to sport with prices ranging from 80 Starcoins and 10 to 15 Stardollars we can all have some new hairstyles! It also has little shampoo bottles, brushes and straighteners for sale from 2-3 Stardollars.

With this new store, the Stardoll editors have even introduced a new button on the hair tab at the Beauty Parlour so we can choose which hairstyle we can have! 

What do you think of the new store? Will you be buying from Tress Up? Tell me in the comments!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bright and Bold Makeover!

Heya girlies! Today I wanted to show you another makeover, I'm relly getting into these! Today I will be showing you a bright and bold look. I hope you will enjoy!

First off, start simple, with all make up removed. I am using tecki3's doll today.

Next, add your basic make up like mascara and eyeliner if you want.

Now get, a brightly coloured eyeshadow and sweep it lightly over the eyelid, I will be using a purple shade stick on Tecki3's doll. To make it look better you can do a little flick at the end.

Now use another bright colour and sweep that on the eyelid however only do it halfway of what you did on the other eyeshadow. I will be using a blue shade stick.

Now add another subtle colour at the top of the eyelid. I will be using white eyeshadow.

Now it's time for the blush! The trick of using blush is not put at the top of your cheeks but at the sides. Do that on Stardoll and in real life too as it really emphasises your cheekbones.

Now because you have drawn much attention to your eyes in this makeover, you will have to use a subtly hair colour, like black, blonde or pure white. Also pick a hairstyle that isn't too dramatic, sport a hairstyle that shows of your eyes. For the lip colour it's your choice, you can use a color that goes with your eyeshadow, if you really wanna go bold or you can use a subtle natural colour to draw most of the attention to your eyes. This is my overall look:

What do you think? Will you be using this look? Please, tell me in the comments, I need your feedback as i've just started making makeovers!

Free childrens day top

Hey everyone if you haven't already got it heres how to get this top:

1. Log on to Stardoll
2. Click HERE
3. Select a photo (click on it)
4.  Click send to competition
5. Go to your suite and open the bag
Thanks & enjoy it :]

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bizarre Makeover!

Heya Lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you a really "bizarre" look that I made. It's even featured in my album! I wanted to go for the look of big eyes! So here it is:

First off, start with a basic face; no make up, faded eyebrows and a simple haircut (you can have whatever haircut you want)

Then start to add  two layers of white eye shadow around the eye in a circular shape.

After, add white pencil eye liner around the whole eye making sure it's even. You can add the white liquid liner if you want. Also add the white mascara, both of the different types.

Next add some nude lipstick, it can be whatever lipstick depending on your doll's skin tone.

Now this part depends on what Jewellery you've got. Take some upper midnight lashes and place the on top of the eyeshadow. I have used two lashes on each eye.
By the way I have changed the eyes in the next photos as they looked better and more effective. For non- ss it could be the first eyes and for ss it will also be the first ss eyes! 

Now do the same with the lower lashes!
You may start to think the eyes look weird but that's what I love about it!

Now depending on which ones you have got, place lenses over the real eyes but up to the lashes.

Now that's the look! You've made animated- looking eyes! You can add some eccentric jewellery, some subtle make up or dye your hair an unusual colour, it's up to you!
 This is my finished look:

What do you think of my suggestion? Will you try it out? Tell me please! I wanna hear your feedback! :)

Makeover: Earth Glam

Hello New York! (Sorry :-P) Today I have decided to do a natural, Earthy makeover as a farewell to Spring! My wonderful model today is T_Louise, because she has a very natural look, but lots of makeup I can use. So without further ado, Earth Glam...

This makeover isn't about glitter (even though glitter is pretty amazing) it's about warm earth tones complimented by bright, fresh flowery accessories. This means little black, no glitter or dramatic colours.

Step 1. We'll start with nude lips. This is to make it seem like she isn't wearing makeup. Try: Dot Golden Fleece Lipstick

Step 2. Next we'll add blush. Make sure the blush is pink, but not purple-toned pink: it must be brown-toned pink. Try: Dot Pink Legacy Blush

Step 3. For the eyes, I'm not going to do green eyeshadow, as you may have thought. Instead, I'm going to accessorize with green. What I have done, is do a backwards brown and beige ombre style eyeshadow. This was so that we could get some Earthy tones into the look. To get the ombre look use: Dot Coconut Shell Shade stick (for the inner eye corner), Space Rose Shade Stick (for the middle eyelid), and then we take an unusual I want you to use Dot Melon Madness Shadow for the very end. It's pink, but it goes so well with the beige, and ends the ombre look perfectly. Here's how you get the look I'm telling you about:

In these pictures, I've also added Sephora Eyepencil (Black), but you can use Dot Black Eyepencil, and black lengthening and volumising mascara.

That's pretty much it for our simple Earth makeover, now accessorization is in order!

After accessorising, here's the final result...

So there you have it, a natural, down to Earth, but still Glam look! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this makeover! Please comment what you would like to see next!
Thanks for reading,


Monday, April 23, 2012

A Fresh Sun Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! So Summer is heading our way, and this tutorial was really based on a real makeup tutorial, but I just added some other things. Here's how it looks in reality. Click HERE

Final look:

Makeup Needed:

Step 1: You might be familiar w/ this step since I do it in all of my makeup tutorial but I'll repeat it just in case you forget.

Step 2: Apply the Tigerlily Eyeshadow on the outer corner.

Step 3: Next use the Buttercup Eyeshadow

Step 4: Apply the Sunset Gold Eyeshadow

Step 5: Finally apply the Sunset Gold Lipstick and Warm Apricot Blush

And your done! I hope you liked it. :]