Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shop 'Til You Drop

Hello there again! 

I'm trying to be a bit more active with my posts here, but alas, I am not. 

Anyways, this post will be about shopping. For clothing of course. Well, unless you like grocery shopping better. So I suggest you might want skip my post and head over to Good Housekeeping or something.


I love to shop, but especially when I can snag a great deal. I think I got this gene from my mother - if it's not on sale; you can't buy it! (Of course, my father is fine with spending money here and there, but that's another story.) 

This is the reason I love shopping at thrift stores.

Those little shops that have donated and used clothing from random people somewhere for a discounted, uber cheap price. I'm a proud thrift shopper. I even have preferences for the nearly new stores I shop at. (My local Salvation Army is too expensive for used clothing, in my opinion. I mean, $5 for stained sweater? No, thank you. Well, your local Salvation Army may be fine, but every place is different.)

I've bought some great pieces from them. A new Vera Wang skirt (tags still attached!) for only $2. A vintage cameo pendant necklace. A barely used J. Crew blazer. And some super cute oxford heels.

So go on! Don't be afraid to be seen at thrift stores! You never know what you may find for such a great price. :)


  1. Hah, my mom is an EXPERT at thrift stores :D She finds cashmere sweaters that look brand new and gives them to us, or uses the stuff for like, knitting cashmere handwarmers and socks. :D Me? I have no patience for searching so I just look at the weird junk xD