Friday, June 29, 2012

A Writer With A View

Leaning back, I smile. A small satisfying smile, not a huge grin, just a simple curling at the ends of my lip. I shake my head and sigh, sighing with happiness. I haven't completed anything or overcome a problem that has been worrying me. No, surprisingly, I'm smiling after reading an article. Well, it was split into two parts but it was still one. It made me think, I guess, making me look at world in a new perspective.

The post was about blogs actually, funny that I'm writing this on one. The way she wrote the piece, it enticed me, making me interested, grabbing my attention. It was very unlike the other articles I have read, not being mean it any bloggers. It is true, what she said, it is fact that some people choose to ignore and try to overcome this theory.

I quote (from the following article); However, because great writers are so hard to come by, standards are lowered and good writers become famed. As a result, many somewhat quickly work their way up and reach the "famous" rank.

I smiled at that part, it stuck out like a sore thumb, but in a great way. I smirk knowing of many people who are like that. Not everyone is blessed with the talent of writing, we all know. I'm not saying that I, myself, am a great writer, because in fact sometimes I'm feel my work doesn't live to what it should be. I think I prefer to write the odd piece, here and there, spontaneously. Here I go, blabbering as usual, swerving off topic.

What I wish it say in this post, is that firstly; thank you Sara (sarabear123) for writing that ever-so inspiring piece on Memoires of A MeDoll, it moved me and changed my view. Thank you for that.

Secondly, I would like to forgive another bloggers who are offended by this piece. You are free to express anything into your posts and I don't judge you for that. I might have a different style of writing to you and might not understand what message you want to give me. Anyway, you should get over one or a few horrible comments. Before, I felt upset whenever I got a harsh comment, but recently I have smiled at that comment. That measly, little comment some how helps me with my writing, improves it I think. That doesn't mean that you should give people a harsh comment, some people are not made of hard stuff, you can say things nicely, remember.

I think you should go for what YOU love, not what your friends think. I love art, fashion, beauty and writing but you may be different. Hey, doesn't mean that you should shy away and be a wallflower. People will accept you, somewhere they will understand. They might not be near you, or live in the same country, but they do understand you.

I guess that concludes my spontaneous post and to all my readers, where ever you live, I bide you a small farewell.

Until we meet again,

Niamh x

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