Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Happened to you Stardoll?

Okay, So Im basically annoyed and fed up. I have gotten 2 warnings in 2 days now, and one of them is 100% false, while the other is 50% false. I remember being so excited to buy a new membership or a couple thousand Stardollars. Now, I just think it's a complete waste of your money. Why let us pay all these dollars for virtual items when they can't even let us pay or sell over 500sd? I used to play since 2009, more than 3 years! I spent at least 400 dollars on this website, and how they repay me? By giving me two warnings day after day. Stardoll is supposed to be about having fun, meeting new friends across the world, or marketing fake clothes that look like real ones. I miss how even the rarest piece of Limited Edition were easily found in Starbazaar, or how anyone could have had 10 pieces of 1st season DKNY. I miss when there were no hackers, or scammers, or rare-obsessed people. Now, you easily blurt out a wrong word, and you get deleted as quick as you say "Stardoll". They don't care about all the people who pay 50 dollars plus a year. For the love of God, they earn about 10 million a year! Before Stardoll had these many people ready to pay for memberships, we were the ones who had control. Now, it seems that they are ready to lose 50 members in a day without caring. Well, guess who does care? We do. I could've gotten myself something worth 500 dollars from Tiffany and co. or Alexander McQueen, but no, I choose Stardoll over all the designer items I can have, or at least 20 new clothes. I was stupid. I didn't think, but now I understand. Can you believe us? I can't even believe myself. It's so tempting, and I believe you agree with me, they are not even 3D. I can go to the school I.T. teacher and ask them to create a website like this for me. Maybe, one day, we will all grow up, and think that stardoll really has changed. From the nicest website, to the most website with boundaries, scammers, people who report you for no reason etc. I'm not saying that you should all leave stardoll, it's a wonderful website, with people who have worked extra hard to put it in the place it is now, Im just saying that you shouldn't pay that much money when half the things you do on there are crimes. I see innocent accounts being deleted, while the worst scammers are claiming they are 100% innocent, and Stardoll believes them. From now on, I think, the only reason I will go on Stardoll is to check my guestbook and reply to friend requests and messages. I will never ever spend a penny on a website who doesn't care what we think of them. They think they are improving it all, but in reality, they are making it worse, for them and for us. I have seen many people leave Stardoll, only because of the rude comments in their guestbook, and people accusing them for things they never even tried to do. I hope this was a good read for you guys. I will be looking forward to writing something like this again if you liked it.

- Ranya


  1. Great Post! I agree---

  2. lmao, I've actually earned 400$ on this site by selling account with bunch of rares, it took me over 3 years to collect, but it was so worth it

  3. Good post :) I've only spent $10 on Stardoll and I hope that I don't have to spend as much as you do one day

    1. Don't! I regret all my mistakes, and they might delete my account. And, please, dont ask why, it's a long story. /=