Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Ceremony

Yep, this is kind of late, but I just want to say a few things about the Olympic opening ceremony.

Well, not about the whole thing, because I actually did not see most of it. I turned it on too late. Oh, and I'm in the US, so I've heard that NBC edited out a bunch of stuff - which included showing the performers of Caliban's Dream, so I didn't find out who performed it until the next day. -.- Ah, 'Merica. :]

Well, now just mostly about the torch lighting ceremony.

Absolutely stunning. Breath taking. Magical. Loved it.

The song played during the torch run with the hopefuls was "Caliban's Dream" - performed by Alex Trimble of Two Door Cinema Club, Only Boys Aloud, Dockhead Choir, Elizabeth Roberts, Esme Smith, and percussion by Dame Evelyn Glennie.

I absolutely love this song. It's so haunting. In a good way.

(And I'm not saying this just because Alex Trimble sang. Since he is a member of one of my favorite bands ever. But TDCC is pretty awesome. For some awesomely amazing songs - check them out please! :D)

So all this stuff about the queen jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond and Mr. Bean I totally missed. Sorry. Still browsing what I missed on Youtube. :)

Here's Caliban's Dream:

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