Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New writer + Competition

(No banner yet, sorry. I'll make one soon)

Well hey there everyone, I'm bracken1234. Thank you to the owner for letting me write here. 

Anyway, why am I here? you may ask. 

Well after a long hard think I've decided to write about album design and scenery design. 

This will include creating different types of albums, such as fashion shows, magazines, pictures etc

In sceneries I will show you how to make poses and how to improve on them. 

But before I start I am going to have a competition. 

Below, write your username & link your best scenery and/or album page. 

The entries will go into a poll and the winner will get a prize. 

DEADLINE:  25th July

Anyways, hope you guys will enjoy my posts and I look forward to getting to meet you all

~ bracken1234

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  1. ask510
    any of the sceneries pick the one you think is the best.