Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Exclusive Interview.

Hello Everyone! I am Kylie and I am the writer for famous users on Stardoll. This is my first interview with one of the most influencial people in the stardoll modeling society. (incase you haven't noticed)
 She is a cycle model winner for -Nextopmedoll-. She is also the owner of "MagnifiqueModels". Let us welcome Anne! 

Why did you start modeling?

I started modeling, because when I saw what the competition was I about, I was deligthed! Making friends, and doing scenerys, outfits or make-ups, to express my creativity sounds thrilling. I always loved drawing, paiting, fashion, creatives aspects of life.

What was your motivation?

My motivation? I think I ´m a bit competitive haha so like I said before, and event mixing art, competition and meeting new peopple appealed to me thoroughly.

Who is your inspiration?

In real life I have many persons that inspire me, famous and not famous too. In stardoll, as regards scenery posing, I got inspired by many excellent models such a* **xo_zoey, .naima, x-x-Perfect-x-x, ExtravaganceSD, sary_babyface, Lu.isha, etc.

Is modeling the only hobby you do?
In stardoll, mainly yes, I also love to style my doll, and I don´t know if it counts as modeling but I own my own modeling club MagnifiqueModel, where we host comps of different themes and I give classes too:) In real life I love to do sports, such as hockey, dance, paint, read, listen to music, sleep haha, and hang out with friends.

Do you think overweight models should be a covergirl too? Why?

Why not? They can be perfectly beautiful! Also what matters is the inside beauty but it´s true, what matters is each one´s personality and how you face everyday´s life.

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