Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Interview with Jadeee-xx

                   Interview with Jadeee-xx

                            her stardoll and how she feels about winning NCG for great britain

I asked her how she feels about winning NCG Great Britain she said she puts a lot of effort into her suite and doll, she also enjoys meeting new friends :).  After that I asked her how she liked being NCG she said she was really proud to represent Great Britain for a day,  and was really surprised that she actually won  something.  Then I asked her how she thought about people voting for her she said she is so appreciative of everyone who voted for her,  she thinks its nice that other people out there are willing to give people a chance to become NCG.  then I asked her what was so special about her stardoll for people to vote for her she said that it is great having loads of visitors and it helps you meet new friends on stardoll,  she believes everybody's stardoll is special  because you can personalize your me-doll and suite how you want it and its kind of having a second life.  After that I asked her what she thought was so special about stardoll she said because its mostly aimed at us girls:) its somewhere where we can come to share our interests on beauty and fashion and you can also make allot of new friends.

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