Monday, July 30, 2012

5 colors of nail polish every girl should have

This year, I got Reallllly into nail polish .
I was searching online for good nail polish colors and came across This article called “5 colors of nail polish every girl should have”.
I thought that article was fantastic and I’m just going to post it here :)

5 Colors of nail polish every girl should have
1. A Classic Red.
Whether It’s Sparkly, dark, or bright. Red is a timeless color.

2. Pretty In Pink
A Pink always gives off the nice girlish look. They look especially fabulous with a tan (When is great because its, summer and the sun is shining :) )

3. A Neutral color
neutral colors can range from colorless to light pink/white. They are great for days when you just feel lazy because you dont have to worry about the chipping.

4. A Dark Color
These can be used for winter/fall. A Dark polish is usually a coco, dark purple, black, Dark blue etc.. Color :)

5. A Color that make you happy :)
It could be scented, glow In the dark, Bright orange, Light blue. Just a color that you love and makes you happy.


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