Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I hope all your summers went well!

Now let's welcome school.

If school hasn't started for you - awesome.
If it has, welcome to my life.

School actually started on August 21 for me. Yep, quite early compared to lots of you.

And the high school I go to has block scheduling - 87 minutes per class; four classes a day.
This semester I have endless days of Debate/US Democracy, Orchestra, Honors Geometry, and French. Oh-so-very long. But ya gotta get used to it.

Debate is actually my favorite class. My teacher is actually quite funny. (For example, to illustrate sovereignty today, he showed us the clean version of "Honey Badger Don't Care", which is pure awesomeness. c:) 

Least favorite class? - French. I'm forced to take French 1 (I'm a freshman), and I already know the basics of it. So when the recite numbers and days of the week, I am bored out of my mind. 

Welp, if you have school now - what're your favorite classes?  Anything funny happen today? c:

If you don't have school - KEEP ON KEEPING ON! :D

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